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These are some examples of completed projects:

Role: Facilities Manager

Problem: Transfer hand written names and phone number to fifty existing AutoCAD facilities drawings.

Resolved: The information could have been painstakingly added to the AutoCAD drawing one by one. Instead, the information was entered in an Excel spreadsheet as room, name and number. A routine read the spreadsheet, searched the AutoCAD drawing and replaced the existing room text with a block with three attributes. The replacement was instant with no typographical errors.

Example Project List

Role: Facilities Manager

Problem: Track floor space on sixty drawings.

Resolved: Polylines were placed around each space on specific layers. A routine searched each drawing, without opening the drawing, to extract and tally the totals for the set of drawings which was then exported to an Excel spreadsheet report. Reports took just minutes to prepare.

Role: Engineering Manager

Problem: Extract title block information from hundreds of drawing for a new document management system.

Resolved: A routine read the information from the title block and wrote it out to an Access database. Fast and no typographical errors.

Role: Municipal Planner

Problem: Manage two thousand allotments in a community.

Resolved: Polylines were drawn around each allotment and linked to an Access database with textual information. A pdf of each allotment was placed on a web site along with a search capability of the Access database available online.