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Services List

AutoCAD Consulting and Services
Anvil provides a host of AutoCAD and related customization and productivity services to enhance the return on your AutoCAD investment. The company has been providing these services since 1990 and is an AutoCAD Registered Developer since 1996.


Key Benefits

· no risk; AutoCAD software is proven and fully supported in the marketplace;

· no new licence fees; Most projects are based on 'fee for service', use on multiple stations;

· get what you need; Pay only for what you want and need.

· make your work easier and less stressful.

The services we provide...


CAD standards and procedures;

· AutoCAD custom menu enhancements;

· automatic drawing cleanup/standardization;

· technical support—phone and email;

· catalogue/symbol libraries: example - palettes;

· Visual Lisp (VL) productivity programming;

· Visual Basic .net ( programming;

· advanced tailored AutoCAD training;

· software migration assistance;

· external database linking (SQL);

· task or workgroup specific consulting.

And the benefits you can expect...


· improved drawing turnaround by eliminating routine tasks;

· increased capabilities with task specific AutoCAD commands;

· improved reporting with links to Excel and Access;

· improved accuracy with automatic drawing schedules;

· increased quality with repeatable design tools;

· elimination of errors with cross checking capabilities;

· improved communications with your business partners.